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The Unity Center Wheeling


Ohio Valley Recovery Inc. - The Unity Center seeks to meet the needs of the community struggling with the many forms of addiction in a warm, accepting environment.

The Unity Center Wheeling

 The Unity Center welcomes between 450 and 500 people a week who attend almost 20 regularly scheduled recovery meetings. In addition, we are open daily to welcome walk-ins who socialize and make use of the center's computer, free WiFi, flat screen TV, and game room.

We provide a sober place for anyone to be. We do not offer medicated recovery options or certified counseling. We do, however, offer a guidance through recovery by sharing our own real life journeys. By way of our own experiences of going through recovery, we are able to help those that are where we all once were. We have created a recovery support system throughout the center that is open to anyone that has the desire to go after that better life that is waiting for them.
We are actively looking for new meetings to start using the facility. Recovery is not just for drugs and alcohol. Recovery is defined as a return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength. We are here to facilitate all forms of recovery!!  

The Unity Center Wheeling
The Unity Center Wheeling

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The Unity Center Wheeling
The Unity Center Ohio Valley Recovery Inc
Unity Center Wheeling