The Unity Center Ohio Valley Recovery Inc


NA- 10:30am  “Sunday Morning Serenity” O-D

NA- 7:00pm “Almost Heaven” O-D

Refuge Recovery - 8:30pm O-D


NA- 12:00pm “Nooner Group” O-D

AA- 8:00 pm “Living Sober” O-D


NA- 12:00pm “Keep Coming Back” O-D

SMART Recovery- 5:30pm O-D

The Unity Center


Arts & Crafts Group - 2:00pm Open to everyone 

"Better You"- Parenting Classes- 3 - 5 Open

ACA – 5:30pm O-St

ACA – 6:30pm O-D

DRA- 7:00pm “The Unity Group” C-D


NA- 6:00pm “Wheeling NA Central” O-D

Refuge Recovery - 7:45 pm O-D


NA- 12:00pm “Freedom” O-D

NA- 5:30pm “I Can't, We Can” O-D

NA- 7:30pm “Our Gratitude Speaks” O-S


NA- 10:00am “The Steps We Take” C-D

NA- 12:00pm "Come As You Are" O-D

Refuge Recovery - 7:00 pm O-D 

Unity Center Meeting Schedule

Recovery is possible

May the love and Light of recovery illuminate the isolation, fear and darkness which traps many living with addiction or alcoholism.

All meetings are Non-Smoking/Vaping. You may smoke in the designated areas outside. See the meeting Chairperson for more information about the 12 steps and how to work a recovery program. 

4850 Eoff St

Benwood, WV 26031


Meeting Key

O- Open

C- Closed

S- Speaker

St- Steps

D- Discussion

NA- Narcotics Anonymous

AA- Alcoholics Anonymous

ACA- Adult Children of Alcoholics

DRA- Dual Recovery Anonymous