May the love and Light of recovery illuminate the isolation, fear and darkness which traps many living with addiction or alcoholism.

All meetings are Non-Smoking/Vaping. You may smoke in the designated areas outside. See the meeting Chairperson for more information about the 12 steps and how to work a recovery program. 

4850 Eoff St

Benwood, WV 26031


Meeting Key

O- Open

C- Closed

S- Speaker

St- Steps

D- Discussion

NA- Narcotics Anonymous

AA- Alcoholics Anonymous

ACA- Adult Children of Alcoholics

DRA- Dual Recovery Anonymous

Recovery is possible


NA- 10:30am  “Sunday Morning Serenity” O-D

NA- 7:00pm “Almost Heaven” O-D

Refuge Recovery - 8:30pm O-D


NA- 12:00pm “Nooner Group” O-D

AA- 8:00 pm “Living Sober” O-D


NA- 12:00pm “Keep Coming Back” O-D

SMART Recovery- 5:30pm O-D

The Unity Center
The Unity Center


Arts & Crafts Group - 2:00pm

ACA – 5:30pm O-St

ACA – 6:30pm O-D

DRA- 7:00pm “The Unity Group” C-D


NA- 6:00pm “Wheeling NA Central” O-D

Refuge Recovery - 7:45 pm O-D


NA- 12:00pm “Freedom” O-D

NA- 5:30pm “I Can't, We Can” O-D

NA- 7:30pm “Our Gratitude Speaks” O-S


NA- 10:00am “The Steps We Take” C-D

NA- 12:00pm "Come As You Are" O-D

Unity Center Meeting Schedule

   The Unity Center Ohio Valley Recovery Inc